Chiropractic for Infants

Chiropractic for Infants

Being born is hard work.  As your baby makes their way into the world there is a lot of pressure and for exerted on them.  In a recent study by Viola Frymann, it was fount that 90 percent of newborns suffered from effects of birth trauma.  This included strain to thence and cranial areas.  In this study she encountered more than 1500 babies and noted:  10% of them had perfect, freely mobile skulls or cranial mechanisms.  10% had severe trauma to the head, evident to untrained observers.  The remaining 80% had strain patterns in the cranial mechanism.  

If these traumas were to go uncorrected, it can negatively affect the child’s spinal growth and development, resulting in health challenges later in life that could have been prevented.  


Birth trauma:

Each birth is unique, but there is always a chance that the baby will suffer some sort of strain. Even natural births can result in undetected traumas.  Here is a list of things that may cause a birth trauma:

  • Very short labor

  • Very long labor

  • Failure of cervical dilation

  • Use of Pitocin to induce or strengthen uterine contractions

  • Use of forceps or vacuum extraction

  • Cord wrapped around the baby’s neck

  • C-Section delivery

  • Pulling or twisting on the baby’s head to deliver their body.  


Birth trauma often causes some sort of neurological dysfunction.  In another study by Gutmann, over 1000 infants were examined and it was concluded that 80% had some nerve dysfunction. When we think about the fact that 65% of neurological development, including the brain, occurs within the first year, it makes more sense.  

Some things to look for in infant birth trauma:

  • trouble sleeping

  • reflux and frequent spitting up

  • irritability and colic

  • difficulty nursing (sucking or positioning)

  • balance issues

  • trouble breathing

  • delayed developmental milestones.

Chiropractic focuses on improving the brain and body communication so that baby can develop and function at their highest potential.  We are born with the innate ability to heal and chiropractic aims to minimize obstructions to that ability.  


Spinal Elongation:

Your baby’s spine lengthening by 50% in the first year, the most rapid growth they will ever experience.  It is important for them to be in proper alinement to ensure symmetrical growth. The first year is also when spinal curvatures develop that are necessary for movement, balance, upright posture, protection and shock absorption.  If a baby doesn’t have proper alignment during this crucial spine, they may not develop properly, setting them up for a poor adult foundation leading to more pain and discomfort later in life.  


Optimize nerve system:

In infants the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) not only controls everything their bodies do, but it also controls their growth and development.  If a baby’s spine stays out of alignment, it can put tension on the nerve system, interfering with their body’s ability to grow and develop.  


Better immunity:

Dr. Candice Per, a leader in psychoneuroimmunology, credits chiropractic as having a profound effect on maximizing our body’s immunity.  

In a pilot study, the relationship between chiropractic care and childhood disease was examined. It was found that kids who got adjusted more than 7 times per year, had increased immunity to common childhood diseases.  

Getting your child checked regularly by your chiropractor is a safe, gentle and effective way to promote overall wellness in your infant and growing children.