Keeping a Resolution

Keeping a Resolution:  

Don't pick a resolution.  Pick words that you want to represent your next year.  Resolutions are often something that we start off with good intention, but 1-2 weeks in, many people fall off and resort back to old habits.  By picking a word, you aren't setting yourself up for failure, but for success.  We are all human, and we all make mistakes.  When we "mess up" on our resolutions, it can end up making us feel guilty, stressed, or frustrated.  By picking a word, it allows our "mess ups" to become a learning opportunity, helping us to improve ourselves, creating positivity in a world full of negativity.  After all, life can be hard, and being hard on ourselves isn't conducive to creating happiness.  

My word for 2018 is grow.  When I was reflecting on 2017 and all of the learning that took place, it seemed natural that 2018 would be my year of growth, The year I could grow my practice to serve more families in my community, grow my relationships both personally and professionally, and grow in my own mind, body and soul.  


So what's your word going to be?