Aching In Your Back: What Does It Mean?

Aching In Your Back:

Our bodies are controlled by the nervous system, which has an autonomic division, that is further divided into the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve systems.  Our bodies are happiest when these two divisions are working in complete balance, but even when we are young, stress can disrupt the balance and create a more sympathetic response brought on by anxiety, sweating, and being on the go.  Even your baby can live in a sympathetic world, which can create neural tension and disrupt their little body’s ability to get good sleep or have healthy bowel movements, meaning pooping and sleeping become a huge struggle. This is shown when your infant arches their back and is sometimes accompanied by long bouts of crying. Through gentle and effective pediatric chiropractic adjustments, your baby’s parasympathetic nerve system which is responsible for allowing rest and digestion to happen, can balance out, releasing the neural tension and allowing their little body to work as it was intended.