Chiropractic and Pregnancy

More and more women are seeking chiropractic care during pregnancy.  The reason??  These women have realized that as they get further along in their pregnancy, chiropractic adjustments help their bodies (and their babies) prepare for an easier and safer birthing experience, in addition to making the experience of pregnancy more comfortable.

Throughout pregnancy, hormonal and structural changes may lead to spinal subluxations resulting in symptoms like low back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome andmany others.  The chiropractic adjustments are able to enhance nerve communication so the body can function normally throughout the pregnancy and help the structure of the pelvis and spine maintain the propery space for the developing baby.

Dr. Friberg is certified in the Webster technique, which works by balancing the pelvis in a gentle, comfortable and non-forceful way so it is safe throughout the entire pregnancy for both mom and baby.  By adjusting sacral misalignments and working on soft tissues and ligaments that can put tension on the uterus, the baby is able to move freely and assume their best position for birth.  It is best to start this process as soon as possible to enhance normal pelvic function for a more comfortable pregnancy.