What Is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy has been around for hundreds of years as a way to release the muscles and soft tissues of the body by decreasing tension and pain and increasing function.  There are numerous massage techniques, each one aimed at creating healthier tissues and bodies in their own way including kneading, rolling, stretching and compressing.  Here at Fireside Chiropractic, massage therapy is used as a way to get the body back to its normal function by releasing tension, increasing range of motion and encouraging relaxation throughout.  

The purpose of massage therapy is to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, rehabilitate injuries, reduce pain and create whole-body wellness.  Many different conditions benefit from the use of massage therapy because of it’s ability to increase circulation and enhance the muscular, nervous, lymphatic and immune systems.  Several individuals have also experienced a better quality of life as the decreased pain allows them to be active participants in all aspects of their lives.  

The goal of our therapist at Fireside Chiropractic is to use massage therapy as a tool to guide your body in its ability to heal itself and create a more comfortable place for you to live your amazing life.